We use the Creative Curriculum, a developmentally age-appropriate curriculum approved by the Office of Early Learning.

The Creative Curriculum domains are Social-Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Mathematics, Social Studies, Arts, Science and Technology, and English Language Acquisition.

Each one of the curriculum domains brings its objectives for Development and Learning and we use this to guide the children’s growth and progression.

The Creative Curriculum brings units of studies. The units of studies are; Beginning the Year, Clothes, Buildings, Balls, Trees, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Additionally, we spend one week studying and learning about our Sunshine State: Florida.

Embedded in our curriculum, our children are exposed to letters, letter sounds, letter recognition, sight words, numbers, shapes, counting, beginning of additions, subtractions, and many more concepts. 

We are highly academic. We believe in providing our youngster with the best Early Childhood experience possible.

We provide our own self check-out library. Parents and children are encouraged to check out books and Read, Read, Read!

We provide homework for children ages 2 and up. Homework is not mandatory. However, parents may request it for each one of the studies. Homework is intended to help reinforce the concepts taught in the classrooms.

For most study units the children are taken on field trips to provide hands-on experiences and bring alive the curriculum taught in the classroom.

At the end of each study unit, there is a Celebration of Learning. We celebrate learning with a gallery where parents are invited to spend time with their children and teachers learning all about the concepts taught throughout the study. 

Children are assessed four times throughout the course of the school year. The first assessment takes place within the first two weeks of the child’s attendance. Then they are assessed again during the winter, spring and summer. We use this assessment result to guide our instruction and tailor individualized instruction for children.